Making a decision of which kind of handbags to choose is highly individual. It is based on the personal styles and the purposes the handbags are used for. Handbags are made from different materials such as satin, cloth, denim, leather and vinyl. Everybody can choose what he likes and have his own style. He can choose different types for different social settings. Also, there are a lot of fashion brands to choose from. Let’s talk about what kind of bags may work best on you. Generally speaking, choosing a suitable bag decided by when and where you are going to take it. If you are going to take part in a night party or something like that, you do better take a clutch. This kind of bag usually does not have handles and you can easily hold them within your hands. When you go to a nightclub, there are not many things to carry and clutch is spacey enough to hold your essentials and it is suitable for such occasion. They are designed in various colors and materials. Leather clutches are the best choices in that leather bag are easy to clean than the cloth-based ones. If the drink spills on the leather clutch, there would be no stains which probably ruin the look of it. For women who have taller statures. They can wear large sized bags. But these kinds of bags will overpower short women. Slim and small women should go for smaller and chic bags. If you want to get a bag with shoulder straps, the shoulder straps had better reach to your waist, which will allow you easily get the items inside your handbag. And you will have a comfortable feeling and give others a comfortable look. It all depends on yourself what sort of handbags you desire. You can pick up a clutch or tote that is made from satin or silk for special occasions like wedding ceremony. Choose a right bag with proper color that go well with your suits or dress. Handbags which are decorated with precious gems, beads or other adornments are definitely the elaborate pieces. Of course, these handbags will cost you more money than those traditional looking ones. There are a lot of handbag brands such as Coach, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. These brands produce fine pieces of super quality and fashionable styles. You can find one that suits your style or some specific occasions.